Helping 4-Hers & Girl Scout Gold Award Project with Handmade Dresses for Girls in Africa September 08 2014

As you may know, Belles of Cotton is located in North Carolina, and both Belles are natives of Asheboro, NC. Momma-belle, Becky, leads a group of 4-Hers in Asheboro, ages 9-13, known as the Cut 'n Sew 4-H Club. A local Randolph County Girl Scout, Olivia Hardy, has chosen to involve the Cut 'n Sew 4-H Club that Becky works with in her Gold Award project, which is called Making Little Africa Dresses. The project requires a sustainability facet. Involving our 4-Hers will, hopefully, lead to their continued work in sewing & sending the dresses to Africa. The 4-Hers will promote community awareness of this project so that others will participate by sewing or donating fabric. As 4-H leader of this club of 9-13 year olds, Becky called on her sewing-circle-of-friends to assist 4-Hers at their sewing machines.  In 2 hours, each 4-Her finished 2 little dresses. They embellished them with ribbon. The girls were so proud of their service work & learned a bit about the culture of the girls who will receive the dresses. What lovely finished products!